I’ve been a fan of Glee from the get go.  Not a secret. Usually I don’t have much to say about it, however…. WHAT THE HELL were they thinking with Season 5 Episode… Continue reading

Reuse old greeting cards

So what do you do with that stack of greeting cards you get for the holidays?  Do you save it? Do you just toss them in the trash or recycle them? When I… Continue reading

It's going…

I’ve been a bit off kilter since we started our 2nd year in ME FIRST. Basically because of some changes with the scheduling and such.  Facilitation and Nutrition are now crammed in to… Continue reading

90210 (new) – review

As a child of the 90s (80s too) you remember Beverly Hills, 90210. They remade it in 2008 for the next generation, simply 90210. We can only be thankful that the new Melrose… Continue reading

Why I can't own a waterfront home

Oct 21 ~ Rant As much as I desire to own an oceanfront or lake front property I know I’ll never be able to.  Why you may ask? My family is not wealthy.… Continue reading

My eclectic… junk

This is inspired by Madame Weebles’s post These are a few of my favorite things…, I figured I’d share some of my favorite things. I got in to collecting milk glass because of… Continue reading

DP: Writing Challenge: You never know…

Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters that Haunt You On the edge of the lake she waits. Sitting in her car watching the sun go down across the water. The leaves almost gone from the… Continue reading

Plans askew

Since my plans for NaNo have gone askew I figured why not post about the next thing, December Daily’s or Reverb 2013.  Check out Hope’s post about this. If you’re not aware of… Continue reading

Global Nation

I wasn’t going to publish this, because it does make me sound crazy. But you know what… some people already think that, so whatever… I worry about how much we don’t really know… Continue reading

Blurred Lines – pro? con?

Blurring the Lines of Feminism: A Criticism of the Criticism of “Blurred Lines”. This has been bugging me since I watched both Robin Thick’s video & the Law Revue Girls’ video. This blog… Continue reading